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Why Women
Money, a Woman’s Way

Women view money differently. It’s that simple.

We take a holistic, long-term view of our financial and life goals. We look at risk differently, and put a premium on security for ourselves and loved ones. And we rank EQ higher than IQ when it comes to picking an advisor.

As women, we also face very specific challenges with very different consequences. We earn less and therefore we have to save more and spend less. We also typically invest less, losing the opportunity to grow our wealth effectively. And more often than not, we outlive men – meaning our fewer dollars needs to be stretched over a longer period. It’s not fair, but we can do something about it.

Today, women’s share of the global wealth is rising quickly, together with our financial influence on the investment industry. Wealth is growing but women’s approach to their money is not keeping up.

We no longer need to leave our financial dreams in someone else’s hands. Nor should we accept services and solutions that don’t meet our needs and values. We can, and should demand more.

Be wise and bold.  We can financially succeed and live our best life.

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