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Welcome to Saij Elle! This is a place where savvy women can achieve their financial potential in a safe and sage way. I’m a financial analyst, journalist and publicist with more than 20 years experience in the male-dominated business of money. There’s one thing I know for certain: women’s aspirations and values about wealth are still highly misunderstood, and seldom served. It’s time we shake things up! I have the insights, tools and inspiration to help you confidently build a financial future that provides the best life possible. I also advise companies who genuinely want to better serve the woman investor.
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Hello, I’m Saijal.
Plan and invest to reach your financial potential whatever your circumstances.
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My blog where I share my perspective and experiences about money.
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Do you or your company want to build stronger relationships with women investors? Work with me.
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Saij Elle’s mission is to empower, engage and inspire women to reach the financial goals that matter most to them.
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