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Okay, talking about finances isn’t exactly the most romantic subject to discuss with your future husband – but then again either is arguing over money years into the marriage. As tough as it may seem, having a frank discussion around money before walking down the aisle will put you on solid ground for a happier marriage.

Share Your Money Personality

As women, we often value money differently than men. We usually see it as a sense of security, and we’re often more anxious about finances than our male counterparts.

Discuss how each of your feel about money.

Are you more of an impulsive spender or conscience saver? Do you tend to avoid dealing with bills, budgets or investments? Do you tend to lavish loved ones with gifts? Who is more of the risk taker and which of you seeks stability? What sort of items do you put a higher monetary value on? What did your parents teach you about money?

You may uncover conflicts. How will you work through these?

Share Your Financial Status

Aside from mutual love and respect, you both will be bringing assets and likely some liabilities into the union. It’s important to be upfront and transparent about your financial status so there are no surprises and build up of resentment.

Decide How You’ll Manage Your Finances as a Couple

financial planning servicesHow much in savings and investments do you both have? What about property? Do either of you have debt such as student loans or a credit card balance?

You’ll need to discuss how you’ll handle the everyday expenses. Will you have a joint checking or savings account to pay for the bills? Who will contribute to that pool and how much? Or do you prefer to keep separate accounts? Which of you will be in charge of specific payments and financial errands?

Talk about how you’ll make major financial decisions. When it comes to such things as vacations, or purchasing a car or home, who will do the research, set a budget, and how will you pay/finance these?

Establish a joint view on short-term, medium-term and longer-term goals. What is it that you both would like to achieve within 1 year, 2-5 years, and beyond 5 years?

Decide who will look after investments. Ideally both of you will be involved, however you may decide to split the responsibility. If so, how often will you keep each other informed of the investment’s status and performance?


Getting through some of these topics will be tough for some of you, so be sure to create a safe space for each other so you can talk openly and honestly. Your relationship will be much stronger for it.

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