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As one year closes and a new one begins, we no doubt feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the upcoming year. We wish for more peace, good health, quality time with loved ones, wisdom, prosperity, success…the list is endless.


What I love and appreciate about December 31st is that for a brief moment, regardless of our age, cultural background, sex or financial status, we all unite and share one common wish – to better ourselves in some shape or form, and therefore better the world.

I believe it’s no different when it comes to our money and our finances. We all aim to be in a better position financially than we were last year, to take control of our wealth and our destiny, and to feel empowered so we can do the things we value the most for the people we treasure the most.

Many reading this will make a resolution for one or more of the following:
* Save more
* Pay off Debt
* Spend less
* Save for retirement
* Be financially independent
* Be money savvy

And many of us will start with great enthusiasm and give up before January is even over. Sound familiar?

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way. You see, we already have the innate wisdom to do what it takes to reach our potential. Sometimes it takes a reminder (actually countless reminders) that we can achieve what we put our minds to.

Our financial success is 100% determined by our mindset. It’s our beliefs that determine what we make, what we spend, and what we save.


Yes, you heard me! Our mental state and our bank/investment account are highly correlated.

It may come as a surprise to some who may think “But how can this be? Surely the person who makes $100,000 a year is going to be more financially successful than the person who makes $50,000 a year.” But if you look around, you will find people who appear to be wealthy but in fact, are in debt or bankrupt – monetarily and emotionally.

So ladies, as we bid 2017 goodbye, let’s leave the wishing and praying for financial freedom behind too. You already have what it takes to make 2018 your most financially successful year yet.

Because you have self-worth.

How you feel about yourself affects how you handle your money. When you believe you will be financially successful, you will take the necessary steps to save, invest or get rid of debt.
Because you have self-worth, you know that while your wealth is determined by how you value YOURSELF, your value and self-esteem is not dependent on your wealth. You do not need to be rich or act it to win approval and respect from others. Because you have self-worth, you won’t settle for less from yourself or others. You have every confidence in your ability to grow your wealth.

Because there’s a support network surrounding you.

Know that you’re not alone in your mission. There are tens of millions of women in the same position who share similar challenges and goals. There are tens of thousands more who want to see you succeed and are there to provide advice and encouragement – whether that’s a professional advisor, personal finance experts, or online resources (government or otherwise). You won’t fail because you can tap into these networks anytime you need it. Ask and you shall receive.

Because you will focus on what you can control, and manage what you can’t.

You understand there are many external forces that are out of your hand when it comes to reaching your financial goals. You don’t know where the markets are headed for example. You don’t know if an accident or illness or job loss is around the corner that could affect your savings. However, you can and will decide how much you’ll save, what you’ll spend or not spend on, how you’ll invest your money, and how much insurance you’ll need to protect yourself. You know this is entirely in your hands. You also know one will care about your financial future more than you.

Because you know that any short-term pain leads to long-term financial gain.

While it’s admittedly more fun to shop, travel first-class and eat at high-end restaurants, you understand self-discipline and small sacrifices can pay huge dividends later on. Tracking expenses, sacrificing a lavish lifestyle, and being a disciplined saver and investor are the small choices you are willing to make every day because you know it’s leading you towards a fulfilled future where money really matters – financial independence, security and peace of mind.

Let’s make 2018 be the year you exponentially change your world. Because you know the wisest investment you can make is in yourself.

Wishing you financial, emotional, spiritual and physical prosperity, always.

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