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The World Economic Forum in its latest “Gender Gap” report wrote that gender parity is still more than 200 years away.

When we hear of gender inequality, much of the discussion revolves around the wage gap between men and women, and the discrepancy in work force participation.  Digging deeper, you find a much bigger problem – one that people, businesses and governments can no longer afford to ignore.

The gender gap is leading to a financial security gap. It’s why women have an 80% greater probability of facing poverty in old age than men. It’s why for every 10% a man puts away for his retirement, a woman has to put away 18% for hers – EXCEPT she’s not. And while she’s putting her financial wellness at risk, she – represents 50% of the world’s population and that means our very own social and economic framework is on fragile ground.

We all play a role in addressing this. It’s not a charitable gesture. It’s because it makes sense.

See the stats here:

The Gender Gap We All Need to Talk About

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